Administration and Legal

We are and we have been one of the strongest key player in Dubai for the last 5 years. Bravoway’s operation and tasteful selection of properties set the trend on the villa and vacation rental in UAE. Over the years we have developed a long-lasting, reliable and trustworthy network of contacts in government offices and in the business community alike. We can easily assist with all the matters related to operation permits, construction permits, tourism licenses, legal and paralegal structures and ensure time and costs efficiency which will benefit your investment and opening chart. Bravoway has retainers services with prestigious legal firms in Dubai and all UAE.

Project Management

You can count on our knowledge and professional teams to meet the project requirements. We can assist in the early stages to ensure that the final outcome meets the expectations and demands of our clients. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the hospitality and tourism industry and we pride ourselves in hosting over 50000 guests over the years and making sure they all returned home with a story to tell. We constantly monitor the market trends and keep up with the new challenges that our business brings.

Brand Development

Our brand is recognized and respected. Bravoway has a strong name and its corporate image in the international market is consolidated. We have developed our own SOP (operation standard procedures) which ensures the highest quality standards and provides our trained professional teams with all the tools to perform with effectiveness and efficiency. We understand that Bravoway is also a brand conscious company but we are certain a suitable, win/win formula could be worked out.

Guest Experiences

Nowadays, guests and customers seek much more than just high end deluxe accommodations. Our company strives to provide top notch “experiences” for our customers and guests by developing unforgettable memories in food and beverage experiences, entertainment and leisure, spa and wellness activities within the villa and penthouse and outside in the cultural surrounding.

Budgeting and operation financial planning

Sales and revenues forecasts are key for a successful project. We have a professional and experienced team. We design and prepare financial plans, P&L reports and performance analytics/management dashboards to map the way forward on making sure your project is a good, sound and profitable business.

Operation Management

We take care of the state security, general areas services (gardening and landscaping, club house, general maintenance…) Additional individual services to all villas and vacation homes include housekeeping cleaning, gardening and landscaping, swimming pool maintenance, technical support and maintenance assistance. 

All our villas and vacation homes are supervised by our team of VR Managers, our GEE (Guest Experience Executives), our Chief Engineer department and our Operations Management team. All villas and states have weekly and/or daily scheduled visits and, in some cases, permanent staff remains on site to coordinate works and logistics.


All villas and vacation homes are included on our Property Management System/software (PMS). We recently upgraded our software and purchased the franchise of one of the leading software in the market. The new software will allow to maximize revenues using occupancy and length of stay variables and provide automated sets of yield standards. It will also improve enquire and leads conversion ratios into real bookings and hence improving our revenue levels. Another highlight of the software is that brings operation apps that will be used in Housekeeping and Technical support allowing Bravoway service teams to be more effective and organized.  

Accounting Services

All villas and vacation homes are assigned to one of our experienced senior accountants and is our Accounting department who takes care of all local payments and coordinates property  owners needs and requests. We evaluate each project/property and, based on Bravoway standards, operation needs, property features and owners requests we tailor made a comprehensive management package, all inclusive, for project owners peace of mind. There are no hidden charges, no small print nor camouflaged strings. Our agreements are clear and transparent and have only a one fix monthly fee.

Sales & Marketing

Bravoway has implemented an aggressive and long term sales and marketing plan.  We hired a professional team of photographers (video, aero drone filming etc) that tour all properties and prepare, free of cost, complete reportage of each villa and vacation home. We have established long growth relationship with our tour operators, travel agency, direct sales, weddings and corporate events and have scheduled our participation in the international tourism fairs in Germany, India, Dubai and Shanghai. 


Our fees are based on “converted bookings” which means that we only collect commissions on effective sales. The percentages of commissions vary depending on source, distribution channel etc. We also grant owners free use of the unit (s) for a determined agreed amount of days per year. All above are subject to negotiation and can further be discussed once we better understand the project specs.

Vacation Real Estate Developement

With abundant experience and local resources in all related fields, our company is open for partnership of future projects. 

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